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Samantha Place

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Samantha Place is an accomplished real estate agent. She connected with us, looking to establish a unique digital footprint with a lot of vision in mind. She just needed a team to put her vision together.

Professional Package
  • Custom Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom Listings IDX
  • Hosting & Support
What work did we do for them?
  • A professional, modern, and clean design that highlights Samantha's commitment to personalized service for each client.
  • Striking the balance between professionalism and approachability to put forth Samantha's brand. Emphasis on minimalistic design with custom features to illuminate unique real estate services.
  • A set of handpicked photos to seamlessly immerse users of the experience clients could expect when working with Samantha.

the focus


As a rising real estate agent, communicating her professionalism was critical in her branding. The website as a key element within her digital presence had to be coherent with professional digital footprint on other digital platforms. With carefully selected typography, replacing paragraphs with images that are able to tell stories, we achieved a modern and professional website that reflects her brand.


Samantha's target demographic was tech savvy. A website drawn from an existing template would not suffice. A new modern approach had to be customized to build the aesthetics that it is now. Reducing unnecessary elements of a website and keeping the style of the Samantha's website up to date with current trends, we made sure the aesthetics would captivate the attention of her demographic.


Professionalism and modern design produces neat and tidy websites. The layout is perfected to minimized confusion and streamline user's process with minimalistic designs to complement. The cleanliness of the design will distract attention away from what is most important.

Custom Listings IDX

We built our own plugin for listings display. It stands out from what your competition uses. 

We equip it with custom features and design elements.

Photography Sourcing

Commercial photography is a powerful tool for attracting new clients, achieving product distinction, and targeting a specific audience by appealing to their unique lifestyle. It is critical for showing your brand stands for quality and value.

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We built our own plugin for listings display. It stands out from what your competition uses. 

We equip it with custom features and design elements.

Samantha Place
Realtor at Macdonald Realty

I absolutely love my new website from Castle! The team did an amazing job creating my vision from a dream to a fresh, user-friendly website. They are quick at responding to all emails, and have an exceptional attention to detail. I have already referred them to some of my colleague, because I am so happy with their service!