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Harvey Gill is realtor Harvey Gill. Harvey Gill or Harvey Gill?
The Spiritual Realtor

Teen years   🍭🍭
As a teenager I had a lot of time on my hands, especially when you don’t do homework. I was a student who was kind of rebellious. I loved to procrastinate. For exams, I would study early the day before, even though they give you like two or three weeks to study for the exam.
Education  🎓🎓
My background was accounting. I was destined to become an accountant but I didn’t have the passion. Even though I loved numbers and balance sheets, and I knew that it would provide me financial security, I just didn’t want to be an accountant. I had to challenge myself to something new. 
Passion(s)  🏈🏈
I’m in a relationship; I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. I also love loooong walks. Sometimes I tell people “your mind will make you think it’s more cold than it actually is”. What I like to do is try to feel everything. So when you’re going for a walk, try to feel the air against your skin instead of thinking of how cold it is. Try to be one without thought. It’s like a deep meditation and it’s very beautiful.
Struggles  ⚔⚔
Before I was even spiritual, I was be a terrible boyfriend. I would be jealous, I would be possessive and I would blame her for everything. Once I started controlling my mind that’s when I started becoming more loving.
Proud of  🥇🥇
There is a new basketball minor league coming into the lower mainland Vancouver, I’m helping to sponsor it. These kids couldn’t make it to the NBA, now they have their own league where fans of basketball can watch. I think it’ll be a huge success.
Life tip 💡💡
I have a pen and a notepad right by my bed. As soon as I wake up, I write my daily goals down. You want to say it like you’ve already accomplished it. Make 1 million dollars by X day? Have clearly defined goals.
Your goal  🔮🔮
Made a million dollar. Now, i wish to marry my girlfriend.

Agent🕺🏻: Harvey Gill (@harvey_gill)
Photographer 📸 : Aditya Chinchure (@adityachinchure)

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Harvey Gill – The Spiritual Realtor