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Shamir Remax – The Everyday Agent

I’m obsessed with cleaning. So… I love buying new cleaning products. The last one I bought was a Dyson V8, it cost me a little bit over $600. I regret it… but I’m in love with it.

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Richard Bao – The BS Buster

Real Estate is not as easy as people make it sound. Realtors rarely pop champagne and party on yachts. You’d be surprised to know how much we hustle.

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Linda Bui – The Zen Agent

I refer to myself as a lifestyle and real estate coach. My clients experience lots of stress. I teach them how to overcome their fears. I teach them how to deal with stress that comes with buying and selling a home. 

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Nancy Fong – The Meticulous Consultant

I go on Netflix binges. I’m talking like 14 hours binge-watching. My fiancé and I pick a show, I like really weird sci-fi stuff. The Black Mirror series was one of my favourites.

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Lara Davis – The Red Belt

I do Taekwondo to blow off steam. Yes, I like punching and kicking. I’ve got my black stripe on my red belt.

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Jacob Huang – The Matchmaker

At the end of the day, I’m eventually going to own a house. I might as well be an expert in it and know how to avoid the pitfalls of the process.

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Mida Huang – The Dog Mom

My husband and I adopted a dog from Mexico last month through an organisation called Cabos Critters, so I am currently working on learning how to be a wife and also a doggie mommy. Before that, I was top sales at Coca Cola.

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Don Kang – The Relationship Builder

I’m a Raptors fan and my whole life people were like: “Don, why are you a Raptors fan? They suck”. My love for the team is unconditional. Even when they had their worst players or worst draft pick results… I was still there for them.

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Adam Graham – The Change Agent

I’m trying to get into Cross Fit. But we’ll see by the time whenever this interview goes up if I’m actually still doing it [Laughs]. In my free time, I’m either doing that or on the couch watching Netflix.

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Philosophy of Realtors of Vancouver®

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We do web design for Realtors, and we quickly noticed all 15,000 Real Estate Agents in Vancouver ignored how to stand-out. 95% of Vancouverites go through friends and family to connect with a Realtor. Most often, they end up with an agent they dislike and waste time searching for a better realtor. Realtors of Vancouver is here to bring change. We want you to find a Realtor you can trust directly. 

Our solution: We publicly display detailed profiles of the Top 50 Realtors so that any homebuyer / homeseller may freely choose the agent they genuinely feel attracted to.

Homes for sale, houses for sale, condos for sale.

What’s the process?


  • Realtors message us. 
  • We pre-select 5 every week. 
  • We make them come to a local coffeeshop and interview them on a very personal basis. We avoid questions to which they might prepare a generic commercial answer. Instead, we explore their life, their struggles, their personality, their niche neighbourhood… In other words, we make sure they will be good to you. 
  • We feature them here and on our Instagram (@RealtorsOfVancouver) for you to select. 


“I’m a Realtor!”

Message us. 

You could get dozens of leads if featured. Typically, a potential lead will type your name on Google and find our detailed profile. The last Realtor we featured received got 7 calls in the hour after her profile was posted. In her interview, she had made herself very transparent, and appeared as a genuinely lovable person. Besides, Realtors of Vancouver is becoming famous rapidly making the front-page of several major newspapers, including Vancouver Courrier, UBC News, Zillow, Realtor Magazine… 

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