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Shamir Remax – The Everyday Agent

I’m obsessed with cleaning. So… I love buying new cleaning products. The last one I bought was a Dyson V8, it cost me a little bit over $600. I regret it… but I’m in love with it.

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Richard Bao – The BS Buster

Real Estate is not as easy as people make it sound. Realtors rarely pop champagne and party on yachts. You’d be surprised to know how much we hustle.

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Linda Bui – The Zen Agent

I refer to myself as a lifestyle and real estate coach. My clients experience lots of stress. I teach them how to overcome their fears. I teach them how to deal with stress that comes with buying and selling a home. 

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Nancy Fong – The Meticulous Consultant

I go on Netflix binges. I’m talking like 14 hours binge-watching. My fiancé and I pick a show, I like really weird sci-fi stuff. The Black Mirror series was one of my favourites.

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Lara Davis – The Red Belt

I do Taekwondo to blow off steam. Yes, I like punching and kicking. I’ve got my black stripe on my red belt.

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Jacob Huang – The Matchmaker

At the end of the day, I’m eventually going to own a house. I might as well be an expert in it and know how to avoid the pitfalls of the process.

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Tips & Tricks

How To Trick Facebook Algorithms and Get More Leads?

Less Likes? No Comments? Facebook changed its algorithm. Learn how to bypass it as a Realtor and stay ahead of your competition.

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5 Tips To Create The Best Real Estate Newsletter – 2018

A well-written email newsletter can draw a lot of attention – by reaching your audience directly, you can develop a stronger connection & let your clients know that you are always ready for them.

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8 Tips about Social Media for Realtors

As a Realtor, you can consider Social Media your best friend or your worst enemy. Used smartly, you can tap into the larger % of people who are rather hesitant about investing, and don’t need to urgently relocate.

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About Us

From University to Startup, the story of Castle – Part 2

Have you heard of Castle? Don’t worry, you will soon. The startup was co-founded by 3 UBC students and it’s about to disrupt how Real Estate Agents do marketing.

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How 2 Students are Revolutionising Real Estate Marketing – Part 1

Have you heard of Castle? Don’t worry, you will soon. The startup was co-founded by 3 UBC students and it’s about to disrupt how Real Estate Agents do marketing.

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Realtors Of Vancouver

Online since late last year, the Realtors of Vancouver movement focuses exclusively on the personalities behind some of Vancouver’s real estate movers and shakers. Find out more!

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About Us

With over 15,000 real estate agents in Vancouver only, it’s hard going through a normal without having a real estate bus ad forced down your throat. The offer for Realtors clearly outweighs its demand compared to other cities. Therefore, homebuyers have major leverage in choosing their Agent, and can afford to be very selective.

We’re building the most comprehensive online database of Real Estate agents. 

Browser through our profiles and select the Agent you feel is most transparent, open, shares your interests and has expertise in your neighbourhood. We want you to find a Realtor you can trust all the way. 

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How does it work?

  • Agents message us. 
  • We pre-select 5 every week. 
  • We make them come to a local coffeeshop and personally interview them.
  • We avoid questions to which they might prepare a generic commercial answer. Instead, we explore their life, their struggles, their personality, their niche neighbourhood… In other words, we make sure you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with. 
  • We feature them here and on our Instagram (@AgentHive)

Lead generation

The Real Estate Agents we feature get an average of 3 additional leads in the month after their profile goes ‘Live’. We redirect these serious inquiries to the Agents themselves. 

Traditionally, interested buyers Google your name and choose you (or not) based off the information you put forward. Our profiles appear #1 on Google for your name. That gives you the opportunity to put forward the information you feel is important. 

Realtors of Vancouver is becoming famous rapidly making the front-page of several major newspapers, including Vancouver Courrier, UBC News, Zillow, Realtor Magazine… 

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